Mainline Hose

We are dedicated to the manufacture and delivery of the highest quality hose products, combining the best in raw materials with expert craftsmanship.

The ultimate “all terrain” vehicle for moving water and slurry. From emergency response to fracking and manure transfer — Aquathane is a large diameter, lightweight and flexible layflat water delivery solution.

This extruded through-the-weave polyurethane hose is reinforced with a high tenacity woven jacket for the ultimate in puncture, abrasion, heat and ozone resistance — engineered to remain service worthy for years to come.

Aquathane offers high working pressure in a variety of diameters from 7¼" to 12" and is available in lengths of 660'. Aquathane moves more product in more places, more efficiently than conventional large diameter layflat hose alternatives.



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DiameterWeight UncoupledWall ThicknessBurst PressureMax ServiceTensile Strength
7¼"1.70 lbs/ft0.14"600 psi200 psi54,000 lbs
8"2.00 lbs/ft0.15"600 psi200 psi80,000 lbs
10"2.80 lbs/ft0.16"600 psi200 psi100,000 lbs
12"3.40 lbs/ft0.17"450 psi150 psi120,000 lbs

Maximum working pressure = 3x safety margin



Spec Sheet

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Aquathane shall carry a 2-year written warranty against defects in materials and workmanship.