Key Hose is devoted to firefighters around the world. Our mission is to provide the best hose and equipment to firefighters. We have partnered with the best training, equipment and consulting companies in the USA.

- FIRE-TEC was established by firefighters in January of 2008. The company’s main focus was to train firefighters worldwide. Through this endeavor and our on the job experience of over 20 years we have had the opportunity to work with some of the best and worst fire equipment in the industry. This inadvertently gave us the ability to test, evaluate and recommend fire equipment to fire departments, manufacturers, and dealers alike. So soon we found ourselves consulting throughout the world on equipment, department SOP’s, and of course we never stopped training.

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Technical Data

NFPA Standards specific to fire hose:

1961 - Standards for fire hose

1962 - Standard for the inspection, care, and use of fire hose.

1963 - Standard for fire hose connections.

Know your Flows

Requirements for coupling LDH

Key Flow Chart

Packaging Dimensions for Key LDH


Project high-rise handlines, written by Paul Shapiro

How to buy Fire Hose, written by Pat Jaugstetter

Smooth Bore Nozzles, written by Mac McGarry

Mohegan FD/Combat Ready, written by Frank Becerra Jr. and Terence Corcoran

Friction Loss, written by Mac McGarry

Loading and Draining Hose, written by J. Rodriguez